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Discover and Visualize Business Processes

Scott Cleveland recently wrote on his blog, BPM from a Business Point of View, about BPM Mistakes that were important to rehash.  He also mentioned a few useful tips to help avoid those mistakes, and one of them is to “document the current process and confirm that it is documented properly”.

Understand Business Processes

We couldn’t agree more!  Understanding your current business processes is fundamental to process improvement efforts, as we’ve seen with many of our customers.  It is also one of the key challenges that many organizations encounter when they embark on business process improvement initiatives.  To help address this challenge, we have developed an automated approach to business process discovery – Automated Process Discovery (APD) service.

APD Successes

APD enables our customers to rapidly achieve significant business process improvements.   To illustrate some of the typical benefits they were able to achieve, a couple of customer success stories are highlighted:

  • Electro Scientific Industries (ESI), leading supplier of photonic systems, used APD to visualize existing business processes and pinpoint inefficiencies in their SAP implementation.  22 process improvement initiatives were identified with a project that lasted only 4 weeks.
  • Global financial services firm undergoing a merger relied on APD to gain comprehensive and actionable insight into “as-is” processes.  Opportunities to improve existing processes by reducing inefficiencies by 20% were discovered in under 2 months.

What is APD?

To describe APD in a little more detail, it is a unique technology designed to automatically visualize current business process workflow using system-based evidence.  Unlike traditional business process discovery efforts, where models are created after multitude of lengthy interviews with process owners, ADP relies on evidence within IT applications to trace the process “as it really happens”.  There are no agents to be installed; no time wasted on exhaustive interviews; and no business-disruptions needed to document the existing processes.  APD offers immediate visibility into the true “as is” state of existing business processes and exposes inefficiency, non-compliance, fraud, and other legal issues lying hidden in operational workflows.

Does this sound like something that you’d want to learn more about?  More info is available on Fujitsu Interstage APD site.

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