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Process Discovery Leads to Process Improvements at ESI

Peter Brand has recently kicked of an interesting debate on ebizQ by asking the following question, “Are Business Processes Detected or Invented?” The discussion brought up many interesting points of view that seemed to converge on the notion that processes are discovered and improved rather than invented.  This debate made me think of a customer experience which supports this conclusion and helps illustrate how process discovery can be instrumental in achieving improvements in business performance.

Electro Scientific Industries, ESI, the leading supplier of photonic systems, recently turned to Fujitsu’s Automated Process Discovery (APD) to get a better understanding of their existing processes. The key business processes at ESI track the conversion of “opportunities-to-orders”. The goal was to pinpoint areas for improvement in the existing processes and to identify inefficiencies in the customized SAP implementation.

APD Produces Results

Fujitsu APD was selected to identify and visualize the “as-is” business processes, while pinpointing potential deficiencies in the existing SAP-related processes.  ESI identified 22 process improvement initiatives of which 77% were as a direct result of the APD exercise.

“We were impressed by how the problem was visualized,” said Greg Mueller, manufacturing systems analyst with ESI. “The Fujitsu Automated Process Discovery service produced visualizations based on what is actually happening, making it easy to understand and allows us to make future decisions based on evidence rather than perception.”

Discover and Visualize “as-is” Process

Instead of relying on traditional approach to uncover the “as-is” process through lengthy interview of process owners, APD traces factual system evidence to build a dynamic picture of the process as it truly happens.  The resulting visualization of thousands customer cases combined with usage frequency and cost analysis is a time-sensitive, dynamic depiction of existing processes that is practically impossible to produce with the traditional approach.  ESI chose APD because of its ability to get quick visibility into their existing SAP-based “opportunity-to-order” process with a complete efficiency analysis based on factual evidence while keeping costs low.

Enabling Value-driven Process Optimization in SAP Environment

ESI was able to get detailed findings along with analyses and recommendations around its opportunity-to-order process. From the findings uncovered, ESI has gained more intimate knowledge of their processes. This will allow for tactical fixes within the current SAP environment and better decision making as the new SAP environment is built to support the delivery of components at lower costs and higher quality while ensuring improved customer satisfaction.

To learn more, read ESI case study or visit Fujitsu Interstage APD site.

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