Great Introduction to Agile BPM

In a recent article, David Roe provides a great introduction to Agile BPM.  It should be mentioned that the article refers to some of the materials from a recent webinar sponsored by Fujitsu and presented by Sandy Kemsley and Fujitsu’s Keith Swenson.   In his article,  David outlines what is Agile BPM, identifies key trends that drive its adoption in the enterprise, and makes the case for Agile BPM that combines traditional BPM, Social and Agile BPM.  He concludes with the following assertion:

While still there’s much work to be done to combine BPM and Agile BPM across the enterprise at least the value of doing so is becoming increasing clear.

Using both, enterprises can expect to achieve more efficient processes that take less process development time and with the social element the ability to gather all the available information from the workforce to create the most effective processes possible.

Interstage BPM product brings together the best of traditional BPM and new generation of Agile and Social BPM together into one comprehensive and feature-rich Agile BPM platform.  With Interstage BPM, the  structured, unstructured, and hybrid processes requirements are addressed to flexibly support all types and forms of work.

Agile BPM from Fujitsu empowers all process constituencies by helping to strike the right balance between structured and unpredictability in the process.  This enables business take control of the process and respond effectively to changing business conditions.

Whether you are already relying on Agile BPM, considering it, or just curious if it could help your organization,  David points out powerful benefits of Agile BPM:

  • More efficient processes
  • Less development time
  • Effective collaboration
  • Result is the most effective processes possible

If your organization finds itself looking for ways to leverage Agile BPM to make your business critical processes more effective, visit Interstage Agile BPM site or download Agile BPM white paper to learn how we can help.

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