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Is there real value in combining XBRL and BPM? SEC thinks so

The SEC selected Interstage XBRL Platform from Fujitsu to process and analyze the received data to improve the timeliness and accessibility of financial information. The platform enables the SEC to develop rules for analyzing the data, combine data from other formats, and automate the processing of the rules with alerts, threshold checks and reports. The Interstage solution uniquely combines comprehensive XBRL and process automation capabilities to enable the SEC to leverage the latest advances in XBRL and automate the review, reporting, and analysis activities.

The Fujitsu Interstage platform will help the SEC to realize the full benefits of XBRL and BPM.  The SEC staff will be able to automate data processing and analysis activities, and improve their efficiency and effectiveness.  They will be able to leverage the power and flexibility of the Interstage platform to review, combine, and analyze data in innovative ways in order to develop new analysis models and automate the process of their applications. The SEC staff will be empowered by having the right information at the right time to help make the right decisions.

The Interstage XBRL Platform is a complete decision making platform. By combining the features of Interstage BPM and Interstage XWand, the Interstage XBRL Platform provides an actionable solution that is responsive to actions and information alike.  In combining comprehensive XBRL capabilities with agile and feature-rich business process management (BPM) functionality, the platform allows to automate the process of creating, receiving, processing, storing, managing and analyzing XBRL-based documents. The integrated capabilities of XBRL and BPM provide innovative ways to develop business analysis models and automate them, which delivers the full value of XBRL to make effective decisions.

Are you interested in learning more about how the SEC is using Fujitsu Interstage Platform?

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