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Better Customer Service with Strong BPM Foundation

Forrester’s analyst, Kate Leggett, highlights the 5 Key Capabilities for Customer Service in her blog.  As Kate points out, businesses in 2011 are refocusing on differentiating from competition and Customer Services is at the core of this initiative.  One of the 5 core capabilities mentioned in the blog is the strong business process management foundation:

Supporting agile customer service with a strong foundation of business process management.

Organizations are extending BPM to customer service to standardize service delivery, minimize agent training times, ensure regulatory and company policy compliance, and control costs.

Interstage BPM has a long history of enabling world’s best-in-class organizations improve their customer service to help achieve their business objectives.  Many of our customers have relied on our products to improve customer service by delivering outstanding service while improving efficiency, ensuring compliance, and reducing cost.  Case in point is one of the world’s largest financial institutions that used  Interstage BPM to automate new account processes.

The results that have been achieved are nothing short of impressive.  The financial institution has been able to drop the error rate on new account applications by 60%, substantially improving customer satisfaction.  The time it takes to open a new account is now 6 hours — dramatic improvement from 17 hours it used to take.  The division that deployed Interstage BPM realized positive ROI in less than a year.

The usage of Interstage BPM is expanding within the division to handle other account management processes.  The new account management system is also being rolled out to other divisions.  As the crowning achievement, Interstage BPM was awarded “Best in Show” at the financial institution’s company-wide technology conference.

Our customer said it best:

We want to use automation to work smarter for our customers…  Fujitsu’s Interstage Business Process Manager helps us just do that

If you’re interested in learning how Interstage BPM can improve Customer Service in your organization, visit our site.

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