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EPCOR on Achieving Compliance with BPM – Webinar Recap

We recently held a webinar with our key customer, EPCOR, on achieving compliance with BPM.  Judging by the turn-out and level of interest shown by attendees, compliance through BPM continues to be an important topic across a wide spectrum of companies and industries.  Given this high level of interest, I’d like to highlight some of the key points presented by EPCOR.

EPCOR is one of Canada’s leading electricity providers, with more than 330,000 commercial and residential accounts and 38 electricity retailers.  Like many other companies, EPCOR was facing a number of regulatory changes due to the deregulations introduced to foster competition in the market.   EPCOR senior management concluded that they needed to make changes.  They recognized that BPM solution would help comply with new regulatory requirements and enable EPCOR to react and respond quickly to future regulatory and business changes.

After consulting with Gartner BPM Magic Quadrant and conducting subsequent evaluation, EPCOR selected Interstage BPM product.

“Fujitsu out-of-the-box BPM solution proved to be the best fit for EPCOR”

By adopting Interstage BPM product, EPCOR has realized a number of Development, Testing, Operational, and Business benefits.

Development Benefits:

  • Single environment to develop, test and execute
  • Development is made simple with drag-and-drop
  • Process templates are easy to update
  • Integration is made easy with extensible Java API’s
  • Built-in Active Directory support required no additional software
  • Ease of configuration and deployment

Testing Benefits:

  • Interstage BPM integrated well with EPCOR’s functional, integrated testing and market testing
  • Easy to customize business flows, sub-flows, and targeted flows for unique test cases
  • Greatly enhanced debugging efforts and allows processes to be re-run from point of failure

Operational Benefits:

  • Web interface allowed instant access from any computer
  • Intuitive IDE made training users very quick
  • Real-time monitoring indicates exactly where each task is being executed
  • Operators notified when tasks need to be completed
  • Simple for operators to see when errors have occurred and quickly restart process flows
  • Entire system timing controlled by Interstage BPM. No need to manually start processes
  • Replaces current batch process system across multiple business units
  • Controls and Audits increase system integrity

Business Benefits:

  • Critical processes are automated
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Enabling immediate action to remedy exceptions
  • Complete traceability for all processes and their attributes

Ultimately, the success of the effort rested on building a true EPCOR-Fujitsu partnership.  This was evident on many levels, but none more important than Customer Service and Support.

“We received Excellent Customer support from Fujitsu.”

The only way to truly tell if the project has succeeded is to measure the results, and here are a few highlights:

  • Provided system performance monitoring: e.g. aided in reducing system time from 20 to 5 hours
  • Allowed operators to analyze and manage exceptions as opposed to just timing and running the system
  • Redeployment of personnel to more value-add efforts

If you’d like to learn more about how EPCOR has used Interstage BPM to achieve its compliance and business goals, view the webinar or read the EPCOR case study.

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