Agile BPM Readiness Assessment

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, Agile BPM can transform you organization by improving operational efficiencies, creating new business opportunities, and providing real-time insight into your business performance.  Business Agility. Delivered.Traditional BPM solutions have focused primarily on automating long-running, routine and seldom-changing processes.  Today, routine automation is no longer enough.

Enterprises can achieve unsurpassed business responsiveness and success by taking the full advantage of Agile BPM.   But, how do you ensure that you’ll have the capabilities you need to respond to your ever-changing business dynamics?  While helping our customers answer this very challenge, we compiled a list of questions to serve as a Readiness Assessment checklist to help evaluate the agility of BPM solutions.

Agile Readiness Assessment

Here are a few sample questions that we found helpful to ask when evaluating Agile BPM solution:

  • Can you support all forms of work: from routine, repeated processes to collaborative and dynamic processes involving collaboration and teamwork?
  • Are you able to quickly discover and visualize your business process inefficiencies and bottlenecks?
  • Can you support the needs of multiple organizations for collaborative and secure access to your BPM system from the same multi-tenant architecture?

Are you interested in reviewing the rest of the checklist and taking the assessment to gauge your readiness to respond to changing market needs?  You can find it on Interstage BPM resource site.

The Right Agile BPM

It’s well-recognized that BPM delivers real and measurable business benefits and can transform your organization.  The right Agile BPM solution will be powerful and flexible enough to support your organization’s unique needs and help drive your business to the next level.  Using Agile BPM from Fujitsu, our customers have been able to meet a wide array of challenges they face, from meeting stringent regulatory requirements to improving customer satisfaction and retention by reducing the time to open an account by 60%.

Before you make your decision on which Agile BPM solution is right for you, take the Agile BPM Readiness Assessment, and learn more about the Fujitsu Interstage BPM and our reputation for helping organizations just like yours to reach new level of success.

  1. April 25, 2011 at 10:52 am

    I am curious to learn your thoughts about the quality of Fujitsu’s Interstage product. (562)822-7141.

    • April 25, 2011 at 1:28 pm


      Thank you for your comment. We feel that the breadth and depth of the Interstage BPM customer base attests to the product’s quality. Our customers include organizations from SMB’s to G2000 and cover a diverse set of industries, including Financial Services, Insurance, Manufacturing, Telecom, Retail, and Energy/Utilities, as well and Public Sector.

      A recent webinar we conducted with one of our key customers, EPCOR, is a good example that illustrates the quality and capabilities of the product. You can view the webinar on-demand. To see more use cases, visit Interstage use cases page. Or, you can email us at:

      Best regards,

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