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Rapid Process Discovery with Interstage APD

In a recent Q&A session with BPM consultant Anatoly Belychook, Peter Schooff of ebizQ discussed trends and best practices for process discovery and modeling.  It was an interesting discussion and the point Process Discovery - APDabout the best way of getting the “as-is” view of the processes in particular caught my attention.  Rapid process prototyping with short cycle that includes modeling and execution was advocated as a way to discover the process.  This approach works reasonably well, but still leaves a fair amount of uncertainty in the process definition that need be “wringed out” through iterative prototyping phases.

Automated Process Discovery

Interstage BPM offers a different approach that helps to improve and accelerate the rapid process discovery and prototyping — Automated Process Discovery (APD).  This is a unique technology originally developed at Fujitsu Labs that uses evidence-based approach, which relies on systems log data to trace the process and render the process flow.   There are no agents installed in the production environment; there is no time wasted on exhaustive interviews with process owners; and no business disruption as non-invasive techniques are used to gather process evidence.  APD offers immediate visibility into the true “as is” state of existing business processes and exposes inefficiency, non-compliance, fraud, and other legal and operational issues lying hidden in process flows.

APD Benefits

With APD, you can fast-track your BPM projects  and rapidly see the following benefits:

  • Faster than the traditional discovery methods
  • Accurate visualization of actual processes
  • Diagnosis based upon real metrics
  • Verify policy and process compliance
  • Focus on‘why’ as opposed to ‘what’
  • Ability to respond and improve processes based on facts
  • Jump-start process improvement projects

Customer Case Studies

We have a number of customers that use APD to streamline their process improvement projects.   One good example is Electro Scientific Industries (ESI), a leading supplier of photonic systems. They’ve used APD to visualize existing business processes and pinpoint inefficiencies in their SAP implementation.  22 process improvement initiatives were identified with a project that lasted only 4 weeks.  Read the complete ESI Case Study to learn more about it.

Does this sound like something that you’d want to learn more about?  More info is available on Fujitsu Interstage APD site.

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