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Taking Process Intelligence to the Next Level – Interstage Process Analytics v12

We have just announced the general availability of Fujitsu Interstage Process Analytics v12.  The new release combines groundbreaking Automated Process Discovery technology developed by Fujitsu Labs with with real-time process monitoring, alerting and sophisticated analytics to cost-effectively deliver exceptional levels of process visibility and intelligence.

To be successful in today’s increasingly competitive and uncertain business world, best-in-class organizations focus on process improvement to gain sustainable competitive advantage.  Until now, achieving this goal have required considerable manual effort for process investigation, and companies have been unable to effectively visualize key processes across the enterprise silos.  Combining automated process mining and discovery with process analytics delivers the next generation of Process Intelligence necessary to gain the  insight required to achieve the break-through business performance.  The Automated Process Discovery has been used by the Fujitsu services group to provide more than 70 global companies with the visibility they require to improve their processes and achieve significantly improved business results.

Customer Challenges Addressed

Interstage Process Analytics allows business users to have  enhanced visibility and intelligence into their business activities and processes across organizations and systems. By visualizing business process flows and instituting real-time monitoring and alerting, Process Analytics enables continuous business process optimization to address the following key customer challenges:

  • Lack of visibility into the actual business process flows
  • Manual discovery of the process is costly, subjective and time-consuming
  • Hidden process bottlenecks and root causes are difficult to identify
  • Lack of real-time intelligence into the activities in the process flows across systems and organizational silos
  • Difficulty in proactively addressing process problems in a timely fashion
  • Governance is impossible without an end-to-end view of business activities and processes

Key Product Features

Process Analytics provides unprecedented real-time insight into end-to-end business activities
to optimize business processes and improve efficiency and agility.   Key product capabilities include the following:

  • Automatically visualize business process flows
  • Real-time monitoring and alerting of business activities across organizations and systems
  • Rich dashboard and management console
  • Ready for continuous process improvement
  • Fully Web-based analytics operations
  • Hassle-free deployment without any changes to existing systems

Interstage Process Analytics can be deployed to bridge different systems and organization silos to provide end-to-end process intelligence. It can be used equally for both the BPM orchestrated processes and non-BPM orchestrated processes in systems such as SAP and Oracle ERP.

Interested in learning more about our approach to Process Intelligence? Visit our site.

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