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Power of a Single Unified Platform – Interstage BOP

We are happy to announce a new addition to our Fujitsu Interstage family of products — Interstage Business Operations Platform (BOP).  It is the next generation business solution and integration platform designed to truly support the way businesses operate, finally bringing the worlds of business and IT together.  Unlike other products that were stitched together from fragments of technologies past, Interstage BOP is built on standards-based, modern architecture designed from the beginning to be the cornerstone a robust and agile enterprise.

Interstage BOP Architecture Diagram

Interstage BOP is the only fully integrated platform that combines the worlds of SOA-based integration, Business Process Management, and Composite Application Development.

  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) –  connect disparate legacy systems, add new functionality and flexibility to existing IT infrastructure, and continuously improve operations in response to changing business needs.
  • Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) –  powerful, next-generation BPM capabilities to enable organizations to improve business operations in a controlled and agile manner, allowing them to respond to market pressures, compliance demands and new competitive dynamics.
  • Composite Applications – the Composition Application Framework (CAF) layer enables creation of rich composite applications based on the latest web technologies with a rich user experience.

Interstage BOP is designed from the ground up to model, execute, and monitor all types of processes, including human-to-human workflows, system-to-system integration type interactions, and hybrid processes that involve human and systems.  Interstage BOP uniquely offers all its capabilities in a single platform, delivered on-premise or via the Cloud.

How will you realize ROI from enterprise BPM initiatives? If you take advantage of the next-generation Fujitsu Interstage Business Operations Platform, you can gain value by leveraging a single platform to design, execute, monitor, change and continuously optimize your critical business processes and operations. With Interstage BOP, business critical processes and applications are guaranteed to run without disruptions, offer end users superior level of performance, and scale efficiently and economically.

To learn more, visit Interstage BOP Resource center.

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