Closing the Business/IT Chasm

Competitive dynamics, business models, and customer preferences are changing at an ever increasing rate.  This leads to frequent changes in the business strategy and organizational structure in order to exploit market opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.  At the same time, IT infrastructure used to support business operations just can’t keep pace.  We refer to this misalignment of business needs and supporting IT technology the Business/IT Chasm.

The problem is that the technology can’t change fast enough to accommodate the rapid business cycle changes required to respond to market demands.  This is where Interstage BOP comes in.Closing Business/IT Chasm Our platform helps close the chasm between business demands and IT capabilities by reconciling the variances between the two change cycles.

How does Interstage BOP help your business bridge the Business/IT chasm to become more agile?   The Interstage BOP is the technology and composition layer that lets you leverage data and business logic from the existing systems to create new system and orchestrate processes and business operations to respond business changes.  Our platform helps align the Business and IT in three fundamental ways:

  1. Business users are empowered to collaborate with IT in process design, increasing the speed and accuracy of new systems to support the business.
  2. Interstage BOP is a truly flexible, adaptable platform – designed for change.
  3. BOP is easy-to-use – by business and technical end users.

Interstage BOP is the new breed of productivity platforms that help close the Business/IT divide.  To learn more about how Fujitsu Interstage BOP can help your organization be more agile, visit Interstage BOP Resource Center.  Or just drop us a line at

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